About Us

Renowned philanthropist 130 years old "Bhartia Group" Akola (India) and international business tycoon Mr. C.L. Jhunjhunwala were instrument in the inception of Basant Agro Tech (I) Ltd with its public issue in 1990. From then on, skilled entrepreneurship and advance manufacturing techniques ensured the company growth exponentially. The company has constantly been giving dividend to its shareholders.

Presently, Basant Agro Tech (I) Ltd., has a multi-product portfolio which includes various grades of fertilizer, seeds and agriculture inputs. Not only have we set up manufacturing and processing plants in Kaulkhed and Kanheri (Akola), but also boast of a Research and development centre at Kaulkhed recognized by Govt. of India.

We are now one of the largest producers of OP & hybrid variety of seeds in and around the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.

We Manufacture fertilizer & Seeds with plants located at:

[1] Fertilizer Division:

Location of Plant

Capacity (MTS)

Types of Fertilizer

Kaulkhed Akola   ( M.S)

60,000 T.P.A.

NPK Granulated Mixed Fertilizers.

Kanheri  Akola     (M.S )

1,20,000 T.P.A.

Single Super Phosphate (SSP) powder

Sangli                  (M.S)

30,000 T.P.A.

NPK Granulated Mixed Fertilizers.

Hospet                ( Karnataka )

45,000 T.P.A.

Single Super Phosphate (SSP)
NPK Granulated Mixed Fertilizers.

Neemuch            ( M.P )

75.000  T.P.A

30,000  T.P.A

Single Super Phosphate (SSP) Powder

NPK Granulated Mixed Fertilizers.

[2] Seed Division:

Kaulkhed  Akola   ( M.S )

R&D Centre with Green House, Poly House  & Bio technology Lab
with all modern & unique equipments

Kanheri  Akola       ( M.S )

Processing Unit

Nagpur                    ( M.S )

Processing Unit

[3] Power Generation :

Sr. No Wind mill( Capacity in MW )
1. 1.250
2. 0.600
3. 0.600
4. 0.600
Total 3.050

Our fertilizer & seed under the brand name " KRISHI SANJIVANI " has been extremely well accepted by farmers and the company has registering record performance year after year. Presently well established in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh , the company is now planning to market its fertilizer in the adjoining states like Rajasthan,UP ,Gujarat etc. All our manufacturing units are strategically located at the consumption points. Our Neemuch plant is located close to raw material availability as well as near the consumption points.
Key Segments
1. Research, development, bio-technology, processing and marketing of hybrid seeds & BT seeds of field and vegetable crops.
2. Manufacturing of NPK Granulated fertilizer and SSP fertilizer.
3. Trading of Chemical fertilizers/Bio fertilizers and seeds.

Our Strengths

Solid scientific base, competent production wing and professional marketing team are the assets of the company and secret for its success.  We have a widespread and loyal distributor network for bulk fertilizer and seeds, which combined with efficient marketing, ensure that our presence is very significant in the Agricultural Market, especially in areas like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and U.P.