The capacity of Spray pump 16 l
Battery Capacity 12 V & 12 A

Benefits of Lithium battery spray

Constant and uniform pressure spray
Lithium Battery spray pump life is twice than normal battery spray pump
Light in weight
Fast Chagrining
High energy density
Low maintenance
No requirement for priming

Spray Pump Lead Battery

The capacity of Spray pump 16 l
Battery Capacity 12 V & 12 A

Low maintenance

Pheromone Trap

Pheromone Traps is the most economical and simple method to control the insect population in cotton as well as other crops also.
This pest control method is fit in IPM.
An effective, environmentally friendly insect pests controlling System
This pheromone trap used in the cotton field to control Pink bollworm infestation.
Install 8 pheromone traps in an acre of the cotton field when a cotton crop is 35 days old.
Keep 50 m distance between two traps.
Use 6 feet long strong bamboo stick to install pheromone traps.
A fixed pheromone traps one feet height over the cotton crop.
Use hand glows while fixing the lure in traps.
After 30-40 days change lure.
Collect trap moth, count and destroy.
The male moth will not available to meet females moth that why insects population under control.