[1] NPK Fertilizers

The NPK mixture is better & cheaper than complexes. It has a slow releasing nature & remains in the field for a long time. It is tailor made as per soil and is crop specific. It also contains Sulphur & Calcium without extra cost.

[2] SSP Fertilizers

SSP is used in the basal dose for all crops like Cotton, Oil Seed, Sugarcane and Wheat etc. SSP is a multi nutrient carrier fertilizer. Other than 16% P2O5, it contains Sulphur: 11 & Calcium: 21%, and number of micronutrients. Hence continuous use of SSP, thus sustains the soil productivity. It is popularly known as the poor man’s Fertilizer.

Groups of NPK Fertilizers…

1]NPK 18:18:10 :- The Fertilizer 18:18:10 manufactured by Basant Agro Tech (I) Ltd., consists Nitrogen 18%, Phosphorus 18% & Potash 10%. If at once the plant gets these major nutrients it enhance health and uniform plant growth and the crop gets ready for harvest at once. As Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash are water soluble; it is easily available to the plant. If there is no enough moisture after application, no harm to the plant as decomposition process stops. Farmer are unable to the straight fertilizer in appropriate proportion. In Krishi Sanjivani fertilizer NPK proportion is well balanced so it is beneficial and easiest to use .

2]Krishi Sanjivani 20:20:0 :– Contains major nutrients Nitrogen and Phosphorus on 20% which is useful for the plants initial growth. Thus fertilizer generates germination power in the seeds. Plant leaves turn green which stimulate plant growth. Beneficial in sugarcane & oil seeds as it increase sugar content and also helps to increase oil percentage in oil seeds. Also beneficial in green vegetables and potato. Increase disease resistance power in the plant. Ideal fertilizer in dry land farming. Useful in the cultivation of Cereals, Pulses, Cotton, & Vegetable etc.

3]Krishi Sanjivani 20:20:10:– It content 20% Nitrogen, 20%Phosphours & 10%Potash . It accelerates cell division which helps to the fast growth of plant. It helps the growth of root system which is essential for the growth of plant. Also it helps to the fruit development resulting in full grown & healthy fruit. It helps to germinate and grow the seedling fast. Complete fertilizer for sugarcane which helps to increase sugar content and high yield in sugarcane, because of this property it is more popular in the farmer of Marathawada region.

SSP Single Super Phosphate: – Basant Agro Tech (I) Ltd., is a leading company in supplying large quantity of single super phosphate. The reason is that the farmers are sure about the end benefits. The fertilizer is available in granule as well as powder form. The main raw materials required for SSP are rock phosphate and Sulphuric acid. SSP is a straight phosphatic multi-nutrient fertilizer which contain 16% water soluble P2O5,12% Sulphur, 21% Calcium and some other essential micro nutrient in small proportion. SSP, which is a poor farmer’s fertilizer (price-wise), is an option to optimize the use of phosphatic fertilizer. It also helps to treat Sulphur deficiency in soil (40% Indian soil is Sulphur deficient) as well for future enhancement of yield at the least cost. In various crops, which require more of Sulphur and phosphate like Oilseed , Pulses, Sugarcane, Fruit, Vegetable and Tea etc, SSP is an essential fertilizer.

Advantage of SSP

1. Lowest price per kg, preferred by small and marginal farmer.
2. Multi-nutrient fertilizer containing P2O5 as primary nutrient and Sulphur and Calcium as secondary nutrients.
3. It is the cheapest source of Sulphur for the soil.
4. Only phosphatic fertilizer which can utilize Indian rock phosphate deposits.
5. Utilizes acid effluent from other chemical industry and thus reduces nation’s cost of effluent disposal.
6. Development of root system & nutrients from the deep in the soil.
7. Agronomically more suitable for dry land.
8. The additional advantage in SSP Fertilizer is that it contains vital nutrient of Sulphur & Calcium without any extra cost.